About Västergård

Västergård Farm area is 350 ha of land, bought in portions during the last five centuries. The soil is of good quality for farming, type glacial moraine-clay. Clay-content is between 25 and 40 %. Animal husbandry has not been practised during the last 60 years.

The main buildings at the farm were built in 1874-1876, and at that time was the aceridge about 40 ha. The Håkansson family bought the farm 1926. Dairy cattle were exerciser until 1945 and the last pigs were sold in 1967.

Today the farm is divided in four branches

  1. Farming of the land where we produce grain for seed in many small lots (a two man operation)
  2. Processing of seed in cooporation with Svenska Foder (a three man operation)
  3. A building branch (a four man operation)
  4. A plumbing firm (a two man operation)
  5. A real estate business has started to take care of the local preschool (Alfabo).

Production of high quality seed, need smaller fields, more human and technical resources than a normal farm in this region. A 5-year crop rotation is practised: winter wheat, sugar beet, spring-barley, early winter wheat and winter oil-rape. Oats and field beans can be used to complete the crop rotation. Winter-barley has never been cultivated on the farm.

The machinery belonging to the farm is as follows: 2 combines (10 and 24 feet), 4 tractors (100 to 235 hp), 2 drills (2 and 4 meter) together with equipment normally used in this region. Special machines for cultivation of sugar beets are used in cooperation with other farms.

The construction firm has specialised in restoring old farmhouses with the use of craftsmanship and old techniques. It has been a growing market and more resources are put in to please a growing grope of customers.

For this reason a plumbing branch was added to our customer service, taking care of the galloping cost of warming up big farmhouses. We try to find individual solutions including heat pumps or grain burners.   

Seed processing activities on the farm started more than 40 years ago with a second hand seed machinery (cleaner and treater) bought from a local grain company. The seed processing started slowly with a production of a few hundred tons a year. 1989 the farming land doubled and from that the production of seed has grown considerably. A major investment was made in 2001 when a new dryer, 4 new outdoor Privé storage bins, and 1800 m2 of storage were put up. Another major investment was made 2011-2012: more bins and a bigger dryer.

The volumes of today is closing up to 15 000 metric tons a year and is run by 3 employees. In a normal day we can bag 100 ton in either 700 or 350 kg plastic bags. All production is made in coorporation with Svenska foder who distribute the seed through their sales organisations.

Västergård Farm is also used for demonstrations purpose and is visited by 400 to 500 farmers and others every year.

Best regards

Lars Håkansson with family and staff

Karin and Lars Håkansson.

VÄSTERGÅRD - from above.

The main buildings were raised 130 years ago.

Vastergard is situated in the southern part of Sweden

in northern Europe.


Västergård, 268 75 Tågarp

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Fax: 0418-501 05

Västergård sedan 1874